What Coverage Do Real Estate Agents Need?

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More and more people are becoming real estate agents in the United States today.

In these firms, most require that you have insurance coverage. Part of the reason for this is that many states actually require insurance coverage for agents because of the job and the likelihood that something could happen.

So, what are the types of coverage that real estate agents should be thinking about?

Keep reading to learn about insurance for real estate agents—from choosing which coverage is right for you and why you might need it!

General Liability Insurance

One of the most important types of coverage that a real estate agent should consider is general liability insurance. This insurance coverage helps protect against claims that are related to an injury of a vendor or client as well as damage to third-party property.

This coverage can be important to a real estate agent because you are likely visiting many different properties for your job. Because of this, you can be putting yourself at an increased risk of damaging something along the way that is not yours.

With general liability insurance, you may not have to worry about being held liable and paying out of pocket if something were to happen to someone else's property.

Instead, this type of insurance can possibly cover you. This means that if someone trips at your office and then sues you for an injury, your coverage can help protect you against these claims.

If you are on someone else's property showing off their listing and you break something, your general liability insurance could provide coverage for this situation as well.

General liability coverage can be a wise choice if a customer or anyone that is not an employee becomes hurt by your business and decides to sue you. It may be beneficial if their property is damaged while conducting business with your company as well.

Workers' Comp Insurance

Workers' Compensation can provide coverage for costs associated with a workplace accident. If you are the owner of a real estate firm and have employees, you may want to consider this type of coverage. It can cover you if one of your employees becomes injured on the job.

Workers' Compensation insurance can cover medical costs and lost wages. It can help protect employers from financial expenses related to a work injury.


If you are a real estate agent that operates their own business, then you might want to have a BOP. A BOP is a Business Owners Policy. This is a comprehensive coverage plan that can come in handy for your real estate business operations.

A BOP plan from PolicySweet® includes general liability, business property, and cyber-risk insurance.

General liability could cover you if something happened to a third-party’s property or if they were to get injured as a result of interacting with your company.

Business property coverage could cover broken or stolen tools or equipment due to a covered loss. Without coverage, you may have to pay out of pocket to repair or replace items needed to operate your business.

Our BOP plan also has cyber coverage. It covers expenses related to data breaches, security attacks, and more. It could cover investigation costs, customer notifications, and more.

Getting this type of policy can make it easier to manage your insurance coverage. You can have multiple forms of coverage in one bundle.

Get Insurance for Your Real Estate Business

Getting insurance for your business is one of the most important tasks to complete as a business owner.

If you don't obtain it, you could be looking at some hefty out-of-pocket expenses if something were to happen.

If you are looking to become a real estate agent, then you may want to make sure you are getting the proper coverage for your business. We can answer any questions you might have before you make a final decision on your insurance coverage.

You can check out our coverages and get a free quote here at PolicySweet!


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