Business Insurance Cost Estimate

Are you wondering what it may cost you to purchase insurance for your business? The cost of insurance will vary between businesses, as each business is unique. This means that the cost to purchase an insurance policy for your business will likely be different than another business due to different factors and characteristics of the business. Some factors that can affect the cost of insurance include:

 The location of your business
 The revenue of your business
 The size of your business
 The history of claims made by your business
 The amount of time your business has been operating for

Some additional factors that can influence cost include the amount of coverage and limits you select as well as the industry of your business. If you choose a higher coverage limit, your insurance policy could cost more. The industry of your business could also impact the cost of your coverage; if there is a greater risk of exposure, you may have to pay more to insure your business.

The type of coverage you choose can influence your premium cost. PolicySweet® offers Business Owners Policy (BOP ), HomeHQ coverage, and Workers’ Compensation insurance. You can learn more about the coverages below.

BOP Coverage

A Business Owners Policy, or BOP, combines three basic coverages into one policy. It includes general liability, property, and cyber insurance. It could be more cost-effective and convenient for a business owner to bundle multiple coverage options together. Learn more about BOP coverage >

HomeHQ Coverage

HomeHQ is designed for home-based businesses with 4 employees or less. It can cover businesses that operate from a mobile space like a kiosk or cart. It combines general liability, business property, and stock insurance into one policy to help protect against common risks that an at-home business could face. Learn more about HomeHQ coverage >

Workers' Compensation Coverage

Workers’ Compensation provides coverage for expenses associated with employee workplace injuries and illnesses. It could cover missed wages, medical expenses, and ongoing support correlated to the incident. Learn more about Workers' Compensation >

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