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What is Business Owners Policy (BOP) Insurance?

Business Owners Policy, or BOP, combines multiple commercial insurance policies with additional protection into one package. It can help to protect owners and their business against several risks.

A BOP is considered a “one-stop” option for key coverages as it typically includes the basic insurance selected by a business owner into one overall policy. For businesses, it could be a convenient and cost-effective alternative to buying separate single coverage policies.

There are three major areas of coverage that are assembled into a BOP insurance bundle. A BOP features:


General Liability Insurance

Protects against bodily injury, associated medical costs and protects against injury claims filed against you including legal costs.

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Property Insurance

Protects your business from loss due to fire, vandalism, theft, breakdown and more. Property insurance replaces property and lost income caused by a covered loss.

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Cyber Risk Insurance

Protects your business in the event of a data breach as well as data destruction and/or corruption as a result of a virus, cyber extortion, network security attack, hackers or other cyber meddlers.

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When major property liability and general liability risks are combined into one policy, you don’t have to piecemeal your insurance coverage. That’s pretty SWEET!

How Do I Get BOP Insurance for My Business?

We have simplified the process of purchasing business insurance through our instant quote tool. Simply follow the steps below to request a free no-obligation quote request and we will customize a policy to meet your needs. You can receive a quote today and be insured as soon as tomorrow!

Step One

Answer a few questions about your business.

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Receive a no-obligation instant quote.

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Accept and get immediate coverage! Isn't that SWEET?


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Why Choose PolicySweet for BOP Coverage?

PolicySweet makes acquiring business insurance simple and stress-free. There are several advantages for choosing BOP coverage from PolicySweet, including:

Customizable Coverage

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Does your business need special coverage? Talk to us and find out about how we can help you.

Quick Quotes


You do not have to wait days to get an insurance quote for your business. With PolicySweet, your business can be insured as soon as tomorrow!

Dedicated Customer Service

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Our live agents are available to answer questions about Business Owners Policy for your business. Get in touch with us now.

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What Does a PolicySweet BOP Cover?

A BOP from PolicySweet could cover the following items:

What Is Not Covered By a Business Owners Policy?

Although BOP coverage can protect businesses against several liabilities, there are some exclusions. Some businesses need additional coverage on top of having a Business Owners Policy such as a Workers’ Compensation policy.

Workers’ Comp could help protect businesses from legal and financial expenses associated with employee injuries and illnesses while on the job. If you are looking to get coverage for employees at your business, you should consider purchasing a Workers’ Compensation policy in addition to BOP coverage.

Who Needs a BOP?

No matter what industry you work in or what size your business is, you need insurance if you want to help protect your business. A BOP could reduce the cost of unexpected expenses associated with covered losses. You should consider a Business Owners Policy if:

• You have business assets that needs to be protected

If your business owns tools or equipment that it relies on for work, it may be covered by a BOP. A BOP could cover business equipment, furniture, and fixtures if stolen or damaged. The cost to repair or replace the items may be included in your policy.


• Your business operates in a physical location

It does not matter if you conduct your business from a location that you own, lease, or rent. It matters if your business has coverage to protect itself if something unexpected were to happen.

If you rent a workspace, a landlord’s insurance policy might not cover your business if an unanticipated incident occurs. You should consider BOP coverage to help protect your business regardless of the location it operates from. A BOP could protect your business against financial losses from events like a fire or theft.

• There is any chance of a lawsuit

BOP coverage may help protect your business if a customer decides to pursue a lawsuit against it. Your business could be protected from lawsuits involving third-party property damage and customer injuries due to an employee or business equipment. Without business insurance you may be required to pay for legal expenses out of pocket.

• You have private customer information

Cyber insurance is included in BOP coverage from PolicySweet and could cover expenses to hire professionals to determine the cause of a data breach or cyber-attack.


Legal Requirements for Having BOP

A Business Owners Policy is typically not legally required by state or local governments. However, general liability insurance, which is included in our BOP coverage, could be required depending on the type of business you own and where your business is located. Some states require proof of general liability insurance before issuing a contractor’s license.

Even if BOP coverage is not required by law, there are several other situations where you may need insurance. Client contracts may require insurance in case something goes wrong. For businesses that work on other’s property, the customer may insist your business is insured before stepping foot on their property. You could also be expected to show proof of insurance to secure a mortgage or lease for your business.

Types of Businesses

BOP coverage by PolicySweet is designed to help protect small businesses. You may want to consider purchasing a BOP if you own a business in one of the following industries: cleaning companies, food services, landscaping, offices, personal care and services, and retail. Don’t see your business type listed? Feel free to contact us to see if your specific type of business is covered.

Should I Purchase BOP Insurance?

Small and medium-sized businesses alike can benefit from BOP insurance.

Consider the following questions:


Does your business have equipment that requires protection from fire, theft, damage, etc.?


Is it possible you can be sued?


Does your business take credit cards, have a website, and/or have internet-connected computers?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your business could benefit from a BOP from PolicySweet.

Are There Requirements for Purchasing a BOP?

Most businesses qualify for a Business Owners Policy, but some businesses may not meet the necessary requirements needed for coverage. Some eligibility requirements that could determine whether your business receives coverage include:

  • Industry or class of business
  • Business location
  • Size of business
  • Revenue
  • History of claims

To see if you qualify, request a free quote today. Or contact us at 1-800-625-8257 if you have questions regarding business requirements for BOP coverage.

How Much Does a Business Owners Policy Cost?

The cost of a Business Owners Policy can vary based on several different factors. Some of the factors that could impact the cost of coverage for your business include:

  • Size of business
  • Number of employees
  • Industry of the business
  • The state and location of the business
  • History of claims
  • Exposure to risks
  • Business property value
  • Business operations
  • Amount of coverage

To find out what BOP coverage from PolicySweet could cost your business, complete a free no-obligation quote with us today. Get a Quote Now >

Are There Ways to Reduce My Costs?

Great question! Why would you want to pay more for the same coverage? There are a few things that could help reduce the cost of insurance for your business.

You may be able to reduce costs if your business:

  •  Has an alarm
  •  Is newer construction
  •  Is located in a shopping mall
  •  Has multiple locations
  •  Has a sprinkler system

Additional credits may be available if you:

  •  Are the only tenant in your building
  •  Have been in business for more than five years at the same location

You should also evaluate your coverage every year. Some circumstances could enable you to require less coverage, or you may need more coverage if your business grows.

In addition to reducing expenses, preventing accidents from occurring may help reduce expenses for your business in the future. Identifying and managing risks could prevent avoidable losses from occurring.

What Are the Advantage of a Business Owners Policy?

A BOP is convenient for many business owners. It combines many types of insurance into one policy offering broad coverage for several unexpected events.

A Business Owners Policy from PolicySweet offers general liability insurance, business property insurance, and cyber risk insurance to help protect your business from many risks.


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