Purchasing Workers' Comp Insurance for Accounting Businesses


If you're starting a new accounting business, obtaining Workers' Comp insurance should be a top priority.

It might not seem like a dangerous job, but accounting businesses have their own set of inherent risks. Employees could trip and fall over file cabinets or boxes that are laying around or experience another type of injury in the office.

Keeping the safety of your workforce at the forefront of your business plan is always a good move. Today, we're going to discuss the importance of purchasing Workers' Comp insurance for your accounting business and give you an idea of how to set up an insurance policy.

Keep reading to learn more about making sure your business is protected with the proper insurance plans.

Why Workers' Comp Is Crucial for Accounting Businesses

Small accounting businesses with only a few employees can't afford to live without Workers' Comp. Unfortunately, it's typically the smaller businesses that are more likely to avoid this type of insurance due to cost.

If one of your accountants is injured on the job, it might not be just the loss of labor that you have to reckon with. Without Workers' Comp, you may have to cover things like medical costs and lost wages. This can do a number on your bottom line, and potentially result in financial setbacks.

Business insurance can play a major role in the way your business operates. When your employees know that they can be protected by Workers' Comp insurance, it can be easier to retain and recruit talent.

Workers' Comp isn't just about protecting employees from workplace injuries. It's about helping to protect your business from financial devastation in the event of an injury.

What's Included in Workers' Comp Coverage?

When you purchase Workers' Compensation insurance from PolicySweet®, your employees can have their medical bills and lost wages covered.

For Workers' Comp insurance, you can expect the following coverage:

  • Missed wages as a result of injury or illness
  • Ongoing employee support for rehabilitation and therapy
  • Immediate medical expenses like ambulances, surgeries, hospital stays, or medication
  • Full compliance with state law, helping you to avoid fines or discipline from lack of insurance

Workers' Comp coverage doesn't cover intentional injuries or violence. It also typically doesn't cover injuries that occur when safety protocols are ignored. Nor does it cover injuries that occur outside of work or while under the influence.

How to Get Workers' Comp Insurance

Getting Workers' Compensation is easy with PolicySweet. Just head over to our website and tell us a bit more about your accounting company. From there, we'll send you a quote for your premium amount.

If you accept our quote, you could be insured right away. The process is simple, so head over to our site to get started.

Legal Repercussions

It should be noted that you're likely required to carry Workers' Comp insurance. Almost every state requires it, although some states may require employers to obtain it once you have a certain number of employees.

The penalties for failing to carry Workers' Comp can also vary across the board. Some states require businesses to pay a fine if they do not have a policy. Whereas other states consider it a felony to willfully neglect Workers' Comp, so you could be at risk for jail time.

If you want to avoid legal repercussions taking a major toll on your accounting business, it can be in your best interest to purchase Workers' Comp insurance.

"Peace of Mind"

One of the biggest benefits of carrying Workers' Comp insurance as an accounting business is that you get "peace of mind". There's a good chance that if you take ergonomics seriously, avoid clutter, and maintain a positive work environment, you might not have to experience serious workplace injuries.

The fact of the matter is that anything can happen at any time. With Workers' Comp coverage, you may not have to look over your shoulder and can rest assured that your business could be covered if a workplace accident takes place.

Get Your Workers' Comp Coverage ASAP

Why wait any longer to get your Workers' Comp coverage? Head over to PolicySweet right now and get your quote started.

As a Workers' Comp insurance provider, we can help make sure you have coverage that matches your needs. No matter what state your business operates in, we can help you understand the laws and what insurance plans make the most sense for your accounting business. Contact us today for more info.


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