Arkansas Workers' Compensation

Arkansas Workers’ Compensation is an important requirement for most business owners in the state to help ensure financial protection. In particular, this insurance coverage can help employees recover from the damage they incur related to workplace injuries or illnesses. It could also cover short- or long-term conditions they develop while on the clock.

Workers can utilize the Workers’ Comp insurance policy that their employers provide to help pay for a variety of expenses associated with their workplace injuries. At PolicySweet®, we can tailor our policies according to a company’s specific needs while complying with Arkansas law. Get in touch with us today to discuss your situation.


Who Does Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Cover?

The Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Law covers most working individuals in Arkansas. As such, those who work for a business that operates within the state’s jurisdiction can receive the benefits of Arkansas Workers’ Comp insurance.

Who Is Exempt From Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Coverage?

A few exceptions to the law include:

Businesses With Two or Fewer Employees:

Arkansas Workers’ Compensation typically covers businesses with at least three employees. However, you can still obtain coverage with one or two employees.

Railroad and Maritime Workers:

These workers may be protected by federal laws instead of the state’s Workers’ Comp law.

Federally Protected Personnel:

Other workers with the exclusive protection of federal law could be exempt from Arkansas Workers’ Compensation law.

Agricultural Workers:

Workers’ Comp laws may not cover those who engage in livestock care or operate farming equipment for crop cultivation, planting, and harvesting.

Domestic Helpers:

Domestic workers hired by private residences are generally not among the protected businesses under Workers’ Comp laws.

Non-profit Organization Staff:

Arkansas Workers’ Compensation law may not apply to employees of non-profit organizations.

Religious or Charitable Organization Employees:

Organizations that operate for religious or charitable purposes usually cannot receive the benefits and protections of Arkansas Workers’ Compensation.

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What Does Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Cover?

Arkansas Workers’ Compensation could cover injuries or illnesses that meet the following criteria:

1. Accidental injuries that occur within the course of a person’s employment.
2. Illnesses or injuries that cause internal or external bodily harm.
3. Accidental injuries from incidents that you can identify when and where they occurred.

Some exceptions to the incident requirements specifically include rapid repetitive motion injuries such as carpal tunnel, gradual on-set back injuries, and hearing loss.

Occupational Diseases

Arkansas Workers’ Compensation law can provide coverage for diseases that an employee might develop out of the course of their employment. However, it does not consider diseases that the general public are exposed to as an occupational disease.

What Are the Benefits of Arkansas Workers’ Compensation?

Business owners can seek several types of compensation through Arkansas Workers’ Comp if an employee incurred an injury or developed an illness through the course of their employment. Generally, it offers three kinds of benefits:

Medical Benefits:

Employers could seek financial assistance to help cover various medical care services, including but not limited to doctor bills, medication, hospital expenses, x-ray procedures, and lab test fees.

Rehabilitation Benefits:

These benefits are an extension of the medical benefits an employer can obtain from Arkansas Workers’ Comp. Usually, an employee could seek these benefits if the injury they sustained requires physical therapy or vocational rehabilitation for recovery.

Cash Benefits:

Arkansas Workers’ Compensation could disburse cash if an injured employee is unable to return to work. Workers can obtain these payments during their healing period to make up for lost wages.

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How Much Does Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Cost?

Your price for maintaining an Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Insurance policy will depend on certain factors about your business. These include:

  • Number of Employees: How many employees you have on payroll can factor into how much you could pay for Workers’ Comp. After all, most workers require financial protection.

  • Kind of Business: The nature of your business may determine how much risk your workers face when on the job. As such, you are more likely to pay more if your industry is hazardous..

  • Claims History: If you sought Arkansas Workers’ Compensation benefits before, your price may adjust to reflect the history of your company.

Avoid guessing how much you could pay for your Arkansas Workers’ Compensation policy and allow our representatives to craft a price that helps to meet your goals and maintains compliance with the law. Contact us today for a non-obligation quote!

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Please Note: State-specific information is subject to change at any time. Always consult with your state’s official information and resources for the most accurate information.