Delaware Workers' Compensation

There’s always risk involved in the workplace, no matter the industry. Employees can get involved in accidents which can lead to injuries and missed work. The resulting expenses involved in dealing with workplace accidents can cause problems for the company. Not only could they lose a worker, but they may also end up paying for the expenses related to the injury.

With Workers’ Compensation from PolicySweet®, you have coverage that can help protect you in the worst-case scenario. Insurance can help pay for employees’ medical bills and partial wages from missed work. Workers can have security knowing that their employer can help take care of them after an accident. Employers can also have added security for their finances.


How Does It Work?

After a workplace-related injury or illness, an employee reports the incident to their employer. From there, both can agree that there is a claim for Workers’ Compensation. The employee then files a report which the employer should submit to their insurance provider.

The insurer will then process the claim and contact the parties involved. After successful filing, the insurance provider can provide the payments needed to help cover the incident if the claim is approved.

Workers’ Compensation is a requirement from the state for most companies with at least one employee. Failing to adhere to these laws may result in expensive penalties and potential suspension of business operations.

While Workers’ Compensation is typically a requirement, it doesn’t mean that the coverage is the same for every company. Coverage depends on the industry and the risks associated with the workplace. Companies should have proof of coverage and inform employees of Workers’ Compensation insurance benefits.

Which Industries Require Workers’ Compensation?

Most industries are required to receive Workers’ Compensation coverage by law as long as the business has at least one employee. However, not all insurance providers will offer coverage for every industry. Here are some examples of businesses PolicySweet offers insurance plans to in Delaware:

Cleaning Companies:

These companies usually work in environments with slippery floors and dangerous enclosed spaces. They also often deal with chemicals and other hazardous materials.

Retail Businesses:

Employees of retail businesses often find themselves working amongst the public and require moving materials throughout a store. An accident can occur due to moving large or heavy products.


Accidents can happen in an office at the most unexpected times. Accountants to veterinarians can have employees that face some form of risk while working in an office setting.


Contractors often work with heavy machinery and dangerous equipment. Aside from their safety gear, Workers’ Compensation can help cover them in the worst-case scenario.

Food Services:

Staff at a food establishment are typically at risk with the materials they handle. They may work with knives and fire.


The work of a landscaper often faces the risk of accidents, and Workers’ Compensation can be essential to protection. The nature of work and some of the tools used can cause serious injuries.

Personal Care Services:

Places like barbershops or salons tend to use equipment that can pose a risk to the user. While it’s a rare occurrence, having insurance to help cover the possibility of an employee injury can provide a safety net for the business.

What Injuries Does Workers’ Compensation Help Cover?

Accidents and illnesses can happen in the workplace or while someone is conducting work-related duties.

Workers’ Compensation can help cover several types of injuries that happen in the workplace or through work-related tasks. There are several common accidents and injuries that companies can report, namely:

  • Contact with objects: These injuries come from a collision or physical trauma. This can either be an object falling from a high height or someone getting caught in between large objects. This can also be due to trauma from a moving object or accidentally getting struck by heavy equipment.

  • Overexertion: Overexerting the body can cause injuries. A muscle can tear, or repetitive stress causes long-term damage. This injury is very common in some workplaces because people may handle heavy objects on a constant basis.

  • Slips and falls: Falling from a height or slipping from a slippery surface are some examples of these workplace accidents. These incidents can also happen because an employee tripped on an object in their path.

Many Workers’ Compensation claims come from these injuries. Since these incidents are common, insurance may likely apply if the accident happens while working. As long as the employee reports the event and the employer files a claim on time, it could result in coverage.


Apply for Workers’ Compensation at PolicySweet

Small businesses require Workers’ Compensation coverage and a flexible plan that works specifically for their company. Accidents can often happen even with many precautions in place. Things can go wrong, and you want to have a safety net that helps to protect your finances. Workers’ Compensation can protect you and your employees by providing funds for medical expenses.

Contact us today to get a quote with a plan tailored to your business. You could comply with Delaware laws and help provide the option for employees to get financial assistance. We provide quick quotes, and you can apply for Workers’ Compensation online. Get started with PolicySweet today.

Please Note: State-specific information is subject to change at any time. Always consult with your state’s official information and resources for the most accurate information.