Kentucky Workers' Compensation

Kentucky Workers’ Compensation coverage is considered necessary for most employers in the state with at least one employee. This state law is in place to help ensure workers and their hiring companies have access to financial compensation if they are involved in a workplace accident and an injury occurs.

However, most businesses regardless of their industry have unique practices, which may affect their specific compensation needs. As such, a customized Kentucky Workers’ Compensation insurance policy can help serve as your company’s financial safety net. Consider discussing your goals and allow PolicySweet® to tailor an insurance plan that complies with Kentucky Workers’ Compensation laws.


What Can Kentucky Workers’ Compensation Insurance Cover?

Specific coverages may vary between a company’s needs. Different companies involve different jobs that face unique risks, requiring a policy that addresses those specific hazards. However, Kentucky Workers’ Compensation insurance typically offers the following benefits:

  • Medical Benefits: These benefits can help cover the expenses associated with medical care. When an employee encounters a workplace accident, Workers’ Compensation could help pay for the hospital bills, prescription medicines, and the time that they spend in recovery. Some employees may require ongoing medical treatment due to the severity of their injuries. Workers’ Compensation could also help cover these costs.

  • Income Benefits: Workers who survive workplace accidents and take time off to recover may lose wages that support their lifestyles. You can use a Kentucky Workers’ Compensation insurance policy to help pay for these missed wages while the injured worker recovers.

Once a Kentucky business has Workers’ Compensation insurance, they should display proof of coverage. This document is evidence that your business complies with Kentucky’s Workers’ Compensation laws. Learn more about this requirement by contacting one of our representatives.

Who Needs Kentucky Workers’ Compensation?

Kentucky Workers’ Compensation applies to most employers, which the state defines as persons or entities that have one or more employees. These apply to the state, city, and county. Meanwhile, employees under Kentucky law classify as:

  • Individuals who work under contract for hire, whether expressed or implied.
  • Executive officers of corporations.
  • Workers of state, county, or city departments.
  • Volunteer firefighters.
  • People who sell and deliver newspapers.
  • Anyone who performs services in a trade profession or business.

You can confirm your requirements by speaking with experts at PolicySweet. We want to help you understand how you can help protect your business and remain compliant with Kentucky Workers’ Compensation regulations. Get in touch today!

Who Is Exempt From Kentucky Workers’ Compensation?

Kentucky exempts some employers and employees from the Workers’ Comp insurance requirement. These people include:

Domestic Servants:

Anyone who works in a private home whose employer has less than two employees. Each of these employees should work regularly for at least forty hours a week in their domestic servitude.

Maintenance Workers:

These people include those employed and do not exceed 20 consecutive work days conducting labor related to maintenance, repairs, and remodeling in their employer’s private home.

Members of a Religious Organization or Charity Workers:

People who perform services in return for sustenance from charitable or religious organizations are among the state’s exceptions from Kentucky Workers’ Compensation insurance.

Persons With Liability Rules:

U.S. laws can provide certain individuals with a rule of liability for injury or death. These individuals could be exempt. However, this provision does not include those under the Black Lung Benefits of the Federal Coal Mine Health and Safety Act of 1969.

Agricultural Workers:

Employees and employers involved in the agricultural industry can be exempt from Kentucky Workers’ Compensation insurance laws.

Voluntary Drivers and Passengers:

Individuals who are part of a voluntary carpool or vanpool program are usually exempt from Kentucky’s compensation laws. Carpooling or vanpooling involves at least two employees being transported in vehicles from their residences to places of employment.

Persons Who Waive Their Coverage:

Some people who would normally fall under Kentucky Workers’ Comp coverage may elect to not be covered based on the executive director’s administrative regulations. These people can also be exempt.

Despite these exceptions, most Kentucky employers and employees can voluntarily accept Kentucky Workers’ Compensation benefits. As an employer, you may have employees who fall under these exceptions, allowing you to forego the rule. However, you may still elect to be subject to the rules to enjoy its benefits. Learn more by contacting our agents.

How Much Does Kentucky Workers’ Compensation Cost?

The cost of Kentucky Workers’ Compensation insurance policies can depend on your business’s unique situation. Some factors involved in the calculation of Workers’ Comp insurance include:

Industrial Classification:

What kind of industry does your business belong to? Employers in high-risk industries are likely to encounter more workplace accidents than low-risk ones. Insurance policy prices typically adjust accordingly.

Employees on Payroll

How many employees does the company have? How much the business pays for Workers’ Compensation could depend on the number of workers it has on its payroll to help ensure everyone gets the protection they deserve.

History of Losses:

Does the company seeking Kentucky Workers’ Compensation have a history of filing Workers’ Comp claims? Depending on the workplace accidents your business has encountered and the benefits you claimed, your overall price may adjust.

To understand how much you would truly pay for Kentucky Workers’ Compensation insurance, consider getting advice from a certified agent who can assess your situation and history. At PolicySweet, our agents can help you understand your status and tailor a price that could meet your needs. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote!

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Please Note: State-specific information is subject to change at any time. Always consult with your state’s official information and resources for the most accurate information.