Mississippi Workers' Compensation

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What Is Mississippi Workers’ Compensation?

Depending on state laws, employers may be required to have Workers’ Compensation insurance in place for their employees. In Mississippi, Workers’ Compensation insurance is typically required for employers that have five or more employees. For those who have less than five employees, Workers’ Compensation insurance may not be mandatory, but it can still be a wise decision for employers.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Exemptions

While there are certain rules of who should purchase Workers’ Compensation insurance, there are also some exemptions in Mississippi. For example, domestic household employees and independent contractors typically do not need to be covered by a Workers’ Compensation policy. Farmers and employees of non-profit fraternal, religious, or charitable organizations may also be exempt. However, these exemptions do not prevent employers from voluntary purchase of a Workers’ Compensation policy. Federal workers such as maritime employees, transportation workers, and some railroad workers might also not be covered by state Workers’ Compensation laws, but instead, under separate federal laws.

What Does Workers’ Compensation Insurance Cover?

Mississippi Workers’ Compensation can be a great way to help protect your employees. In most cases, Workers’ Compensation covers:

Medical Benefits

In case of work-related injuries, Workers’ Compensation could cover medical costs that are associated with the incident. This can include doctor visits, physical therapy sessions, prescription medications, and more.

Wage Loss Benefits

During treatment and recovery, if an employee is unable to work due to their injury or illness, Workers’ Compensation may provide benefits to supplement the wages they have lost.

Ongoing Support

There are some injuries that can take a long time to heal. In some cases, Workers’ Compensation can provide ongoing medical care and support for the employee during their rehabilitation. This can include anything from physical or occupational therapy to rehabilitation.

What Happens If I Don’t Have Coverage?

Fines, penalties, and other legal fees are the consequences of not having Workers’ Compensation insurance. If an employer is found to be non-compliant, a misdemeanor charge may be issued and the employer can face a fine depending on the number of employees and how long they have been without coverage.

But that’s not the worst case. Injured workers can sue employers if they do not have Workers’ Compensation coverage, especially for businesses that fall under the required categories. Not only could this cost you a huge chunk of money and time, but it could also damage your reputation as an employer.

What Other Coverages Do You Need

If you are planning to further support and help protect your employees, you should consider adding some other insurance policies.

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance also known as a commercial general liability (CGL) policy can help cover legal expenses and damages. This is a great way to help protect your business from third-party property damage and bodily injury as well as personal injury claims. If you don’t have this coverage, you can expect to pay out-of-pocket for accidents that happen on your business premises.


Property Insurance

If you are running a business where equipment, furniture, inventory, and other physical goods are involved, property insurance should be considered. This policy can cover damage caused by fire or theft as well as natural disasters. Property insurance can also cover business interruption costs associated with it.


Cyber Insurance

For small businesses, cyber insurance can be a great way to cover the risks of being hacked or customer data stolen. If hackers succeed in taking over sensitive data, the consequences can be financially devastating.


Business Owners Policy (BOP)

A special type of commercial insurance for small and medium-sized businesses, Business Owners Policy, or BOP, includes multiple types of coverage in one easy-to-manage policy. This consolidation can help make it easy for business owners to make sure that their business is properly insured without having to purchase separate policies for each type of coverage. A BOP from PolicySweet is comprised of general liability, property, and cyber-risk coverages.

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There’s no better way to help protect your business and your employees than by being prepared before an accident happens. Workers’ Compensation insurance is a great way to help ensure your employees can be taken care of and help them feel safe when they’re on the job.

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Please Note: State-specific information is subject to change at any time. Always consult with your state’s official information and resources for the most accurate information.