Tennessee Workers’ Compensation

If you need an extra layer of protection for your small business and employees, consider getting Tennessee Workers’ Compensation today!

Regardless of the nature of your business, this insurance policy can help ensure that your business can overcome workplace accidents. Learn more about how this coverage is important to consider as a business owner.


What Can Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Help Protect You From?

Tennessee Workers’ Compensation offers monetary benefits after a claim is filed. Every situation is unique and may involve different compensation settlements. However, common ones that your business may encounter could include:

Medical Expenses

Help protect your business from potential medical expenses that your employees face after surviving an accident while on duty. Your business can encounter medical bills, emergency care, and follow-up charges for services. With a Workers’ Compensation policy these expenses can be taken care of.

Retraining Programs

Injured workers who need to relearn the necessary skills to re-enter the workforce can take advantage of this Workers’ Compensation benefit. In particular, workers who need to train for a new job in a different field after a work-related injury might need this type of coverage.

With this benefit, the injured employee can find an appropriate program that trains them for the new job. At the same time, it could award them a percentage of their weekly salary while training. Workers’ Compensation could make up the difference in wages between their old job and new one if it pays less than their previous position.

Lost Wages

Regardless of the situation, your business could suffer financial damages if an employee injury occurs. It could affect your overall productivity and if doctors determine that your employee is unable to return to work after a workplace accident, Workers’ Compensation can make up for the wages lost.

Does My Business Need Tennessee Workers’ Compensation?

Your Tennessee business may need Workers’ Compensation insurance if you employ at least five people or are involved in the construction industry. Otherwise, you could face certain penalties. In particular, business owners that fail to comply with the Tennessee Bureau of Workers’ Compensation requirements are likely to pay fines. These penalties will likely depend on the risk that your employees face.

Meanwhile, businesses that are high-risk in nature may need Workers’ Compensation regardless of how many employees they have. At the same time, some Tennessee businesses could be exempt from Workers’ Compensation.

Even with exemptions in place, Tennessee Workers’ Compensation can be a valuable protection for businesses. Without it, you may have to pay for the expenses that an injured or ill employee faces and would likely not have reimbursement benefits, which could cause you to lose valuable resources.

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Why Do I Need Tennessee Workers’ Compensation?

Equipping your small business with Tennessee Workers’ Compensation could give you and your employees access to several benefits. It could provide you with financial protection from workplace injuries.

These events are usually expensive, considering medical expenses, lost wages, and legal costs could be involved. In a sense, you can stay prepared and confidently face these circumstances once you have coverage that helps with these particular situations.

Having insurance coverage could also improve your reputation in the industry, putting your business among the reliable ones to watch. Carrying Tennessee Workers’ Compensation might let others know that you most likely value your workers and respect the local regulations.

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How Much Does Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Cost?

Tennessee Workers’ Compensation premium amounts can vary between businesses. It could depend on your industry and your employees’ nature of work. How many workers you have may also factor into the total amount you pay. Moreover, your claims history could contribute to the premium amount.

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Other Insurance Coverages to Consider

PolicySweet has a range of insurance policies that can help protect different aspects of your business. Our Business Owners Policy ensures you could have protection from the common damages that your business is likely to encounter. Consider the following coverages in addition to Tennessee Workers’ Compensation:

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Please Note: State-specific information is subject to change at any time. Always consult with your state’s official information and resources for the most accurate information.