Virginia Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation is a requirement for most businesses in Virginia for those with at least two employees. It’s an insurance plan that could cover medical costs related to injuries or illnesses that occur while an employee is on the job. As such, Workers’ Compensation, while it may be required, can also have many benefits for companies who have it.

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Requirements and Eligibility

Virginia businesses and employers with two or more employees working under them are typically required to have Workers’ Compensation insurance. It usually does not matter if these employees are working part or full-time. Employers with a role in their company may not have an exception either.

In addition to regular employees, contracted parties that fulfill jobs may also be required to have coverage. Things can get complex because there is a broad definition of employees. Aside from the ones stated above, here are the roles that are eligible for Workers’ Compensation:

  • LLC managers and corporate officers, even if they’re not performing job duties.
  • Any family members involved with work in the business.
  • Anyone working under the age of 18.
  • Employees working for nonprofit organizations.
  • Seasonal and temporary workers.

Why You Should Consider Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation is a safety net that could help protect your finances and your employees. Many insurance plans do not cover incidents that happen at work, but Workers’ Compensation focuses solely on it. Not only can it help pay for medical bills, but it can also help with other fees.

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Workers’ Compensation Coverage

Workers’ Compensation can provide several benefits when injuries and illnesses happen on the job. Here are some of the things it can cover:

  • Accidents: Workers’ Comp could cover medical expenses of those injured. You can claim it in most cases as long as it was a work accident.

  • Repetitive injuries: Injuries caused by repetitive motion can happen slowly over time. When this occurs because of work, Workers’ Compensation can provide coverage to help them recover.

  • Ongoing treatment: Workers’ Comp can cover bills when the injury requires continuous treatment.

  • Missing work: With injuries and illnesses that occur while on the job, an employee can lose wages because they cannot go to work. With Workers’ Comp, they can receive partial wages to help cover their lost time.

  • Illnesses: Exposure to harmful chemicals at work can lead to some ailments. When this happens, Workers’ Compensation insurance can cover the costs.

Each policy may differ, so you may need to refer to your policy documents when needed or reach out to your insurance provider to better understand what is included in your coverage.

Filing for Workers’ Compensation in Virginia

In the case of a work-related injury, an employee has 30 days to report the incident to their employer. From there, the employer should be responsible for submitting a report to the appropriate parties. In this case, they should file with their insurance provider and the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission.


Executives are still considered by Virginia as employees, meaning they should be covered under Workers’ Compensation. However, there is an option for them to decline coverage. To do this, they should already have Workers’ Compensation, then file for rejection of coverage through the Workers’ Comp Commission. Once it is applied, they can provide a copy to their insurance provider.

You could face penalties if you are not properly covered. Here are some signs that may lead to the state deciding if you need Workers’ Compensation:

  • The ability to hire and fire that person
  • Control over their work and performance
  • Paying wages to the person after completing work

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Please Note: State-specific information is subject to change at any time. Always consult with your state’s official information and resources for the most accurate information.