Run a business from your home? If a situation arises do you have adequate coverage to help protect your business? PolicySweet provides customized insurance plans for home-based businesses. Our HomeHQSM policy combines general liability, business property, and inventory coverage into one convenient insurance package.

Learn more about what a HomeHQ policy has to offer:

Being your own boss comes with freedom and responsibility, if you run your business out of your home we can help you get the specific insurance coverages you need for a home-based business, so you can focus your energy on following your passion.

Do customers visit your home? Do you conduct business meetings there? What if something happens to your business equipment, or the product inventory in your house?

You might think that your homeowners policy automatically covers these situations, but that’s not always the case.

That’s why we have developed the specific protection you need with HomeHQ Home Business Insurance by PolicySweet. HomeHQ covers:

The best part is that peace of mind and security doesn’t cost a lot. In 5 minutes or less, you can get a quote, and can purchase HomeHQ all online for as little as $12.00 a month. You can even pay with a credit card. Help protect your at-home business now and get a free instant online quote.

HomeHQ – Designed just for you by PolicySweet!