Small business insurance is a must if you want to help protect your business from risks and liability claims. PolicySweet® has simplified the process of purchasing insurance and provides flexibility for obtaining and maintaining coverage. We offer a wide variety of policies including a Business Owners Policy, Workers’ Compensation, and HomeHQSM coverage.

Learn more about how PolicySweet can help protect your business:

Your day starts long before the door opens, and you serve your first espresso or eggs over-easy. There's busy and then there's food and beverage retailer busy. Sometimes, that's too busy to shop for the right insurance for your business.

Welcome to PolicySweet! We make it sweet and easy to get the specialized coverage your business needs, online or with an agent. So easy you can go online and in less time that it takes to build a BLT, to get Business Owners insurance and Workers’ Compensation insurance.

First, just enter the name and search for your business and with the help of our application assist we’ll help automatically fill in the details. Next, answer a few questions about your business. Then, receive a no-obligation instant quote.

Like what you see? Get made to order coverage on the spot.

It's as sweet as that. That's PolicySweet! Specialized coverage for food and beverage retailers online or with an agent.