How Can Business Owners Get Workers' Comp for a Deli?

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Working at a deli doesn't seem like a dangerous job, but what happens if an employee accidentally cuts their fingers or falls ill? Is your business equipped to handle the employee's medical bills or sick leave?

Deli owners may need Workers' Comp to help protect themselves and their employees while they are working. Obtaining this policy may seem straightforward, but with several options out there, it can be hard to choose.

In this guide, we'll go over why some delis are required to have Workers' Compensation and how business owners can find coverage to fit their needs.

Is Workers' Comp for a Deli Required?

Before we get into how you can get Workers' Comp for a deli, you might be wondering if it's required for business. The Small Businesses Administration says that employers with employees should think about obtaining this type of insurance.

However, there are states that may grant employers an exemption to this policy. State regulations govern employees and what workers are considered employees.

Some states don't count immediate family members as employees for the purpose of Workers' Compensation. Independent contractors might not count as employees in some states as well.

Delis that are required to obtain Workers' Compensation and fail to obtain it can be penalized. If you are unsure of the requirements in your state, check with the Department of Insurance or Workers' Compensation Commission.

Workers' Compensation insurance can protect deli employees if they become ill or get injured at work. It could cover medical bills and lost wages due to needed time off after an injury.

There are two different types of Workers' Compensation funds, monopolistic and competitive.


Monopolistic is a type of Workers' Comp insurance fund that is the only source of coverage in a state. North Dakota, Ohio, Washington, and Wyoming utilize a monopolistic fund. This means coverage must be obtained through the state funded Workers' Compensation program in these particular states.


States without monopolistic funds have competitive Workers' Compensation insurance. This means that delis can choose Workers' Comp policies from the state-run fund or through a private insurance carrier.

Competitive states allow business owners the opportunity to find an affordable policy and potentially work with one insurance provider if they carry multiple coverages.

Figure Out How Much Coverage You Need

To begin the search for Workers' Comp, deli owners should figure out how much coverage is needed. The answer to this can depend on where your company is located.

The state the deli is in can determine who needs to be covered by the policy. It's also possible for the state to regulate the benefits that are included in these coverages.

One state could require that the policy provide benefits for a certain duration of an injury, while another state can cap benefits based on a specific time period.

It's also important to know who is covered by these policies. In some states, part-time employees and independent contractors may not have to be covered under your policy.

You can also include business owners and executive officers in your Workers' Comp policy, but there are some states with an ownership exclusion. Whether or not you can add owners to the policy depends on the state as well.

To get your Workers' Compensation insurance rate, figure out the class codes that match what your employees do for work. A class code is how insurance providers categorize employees based on the risk level of their jobs.

PolicySweet® can help you determine employee class codes and what your Workers' Compensation policy could cost.

Choose the Right Insurance Provider

To choose Workers' Compensation for your deli, you may want to find a provider that offers the coverages and features you need. You may want to choose a policy that makes you comfortable in terms of what is covered and what fits your budget.

To pick the right insurance provider for your deli business, consider these tips:

Research Companies

Insurers may offer policies in all competitive states, but that doesn't mean they are going to offer Workers' Comp for a deli. If Workers' Compensation is a requirement, finding an insurer that offers it should be too.

There are many business insurance providers that offer Workers' Comp insurance in addition to other coverages you might need. Obtaining your insurance policies through one insurer can make things easier for you.

Get Multiple Quotes

Once you figure out which insurance providers offer the coverage you need, you can ask them for a quote.

Some insurers provide delis with free online quotes so you can get an idea of what you'd pay without connecting with a representative right away.

You should utilize free quote tools and services to determine which provider is well within your budget.

Talk to a Trusted Provider

After narrowing down your list to insurers that you can afford, reach out to a representative or agent. These professionals can help you narrow down your options even further and help assist you with other insurance policies.

If you are worried about potential coverage gaps, connecting with a representative is a great way to figure out insurance details.

Why Choose PolicySweet?

PolicySweet offers Workers' Compensation policies in almost every state. You can receive a free instant quote by talking to a representative over the phone or doing it yourself online.

PolicySweet representatives are standing by to help answer your insurance questions and discuss payment plan options. You can choose to pay with 10 payments during the policy period, semi-annual payments, or one full payment.

PolicySweet can handle multiple insurance needs for your deli. We also offer BOP coverage with general liability, business property, and cyber-risk insurance.

Understanding Workers' Comp Insurance

Now that you know how to obtain Workers' Comp for a deli, you can begin your search for the right policy.

First, check with your state to learn about policy requirements and which employees need this coverage.

After learning how much coverage you need, research insurance providers and compare prices to find an option you can afford.

Lastly, talk to an insurance professional about your needs and your budget. Ready to start talking? Get a quote now, or contact us today to talk to a PolicySweet representative about your deli insurance requirements.


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