Workers’ Comp for Electricians

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Did you know that there were over 7,200 injuries and illnesses in 2020 to electricians while on the job? There are so many protections put in place to help prevent these types of accidents from happening, but of course, accidents still happen.

When they do, you may want to ensure your business and employees have coverage. Enter in Workers' Comp for electricians.

What is this coverage, and how can it benefit your business? Continue reading below! We will cover what you might want to know about this policy and who you can contact for more information.

What Is Workers’ Comp for Electricians?

Workers' comp for electricians is an insurance policy that could cover your employee's work-related injuries or illnesses. For example, if one of your employees suffers from an electrical shock due to a faulty wire while working, the policy can help pay for their injuries.

Workers' Compensation can provide a medical benefit that pays for their related medical expenses. In the event that one of your employees becomes injured on the job, the policy could take care of medical bills, medication, physical therapy, and more. It can also provide lost wages to the injured employee for a period of time while they recover.

Why Is Workers’ Comp for Electricians Important?

Workers' Comp for electricians can be essential because electricians encounter a laundry list of job-related injuries. Accidents still happen even with proper training and wearing the right protective equipment.

Having insurance for electricians not only helps to protect your business from having to pay a lot of money for work related injuries, but it can also give your employees “peace of mind” to know they have coverage if they ever get hurt while working a job.

Common Workplace Injuries for Electricians

As an owner of an electrical company, you are probably aware of the risks that come with the job. To help prevent some severe injuries, you most likely know how to protect your equipment and work area.

You can do this to help minimize fires and severe electric shocks. Of course, accidents can still happen. This can lead to some extreme injuries from burns or falls. If your employee suffers from lacerations, falls, or burns, you can be rest assured that your Workers' Compensation coverage can help take care of their eligible injuries.

How Much Is Workers’ Comp Insurance for Electricians?

Because no two businesses are the same, Workers' Comp insurance policies can vary in price. There are several factors an insurance provider can look at to determine the cost of your policy.

The number of employees, payroll of your employees, location of your business, and tasks handled by your employees can contribute to the premium amount.

Another factor is your claims history. Companies that have a lot of claims are considered a higher risk to insure, so they typically have a higher premium amount. Companies with little to no claims have a lower rating, thus earning them lower premium rates.

How To Get Insurance for Electricians

If you are interested in getting an insurance policy for your business, you may want to find an insurer that specializes in Workers' Compensation. When looking for a provider you should ensure they provide coverage in your state.

There are so many excellent companies to work with, such as us here at PolicySweet®. We offer the option to obtain coverage online or on the phone by talking with one of our representatives.

How to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim

If one of your employees suffers an injury or gets sick at work, they should seek medical attention immediately. At that doctor's appointment, the physician can take note of what happened and can report their findings to the insurance provider.

So long as the injury or illness qualifies as a covered incident, the Workers' Comp policy can pay out the benefit to the employee.

There are a few exceptions to this rule, though. The claim might be denied if the employee was under the influence of drugs or alcohol when the incident happened.


If the injury is due to a fight between your employees, that is usually not covered. However, there could be an exception if an innocent bystander were hurt as a result of the horseplay.

Violating Company Policy

Workers' Comp typically will not pay for injuries or illnesses if the employee sustained them violating a company rule. This includes company policies and procedures.

Get Insurance for Electricians

Workers' Comp for electricians is a crucial insurance policy you should have in your arsenal of business insurance. Not only does this help protect your business from having to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars in eligible work-related injuries, but it can also give your employees “peace of mind”.

In the event that they suffer an injury on the job, they know you can have their back. If you are looking for comprehensive insurance for electricians, contact us. We offer free, no-obligation quotes and are here to answer questions or concerns you may have.


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