Idaho Workers' Compensation

There are many steps and requirements you may need to accomplish before starting a business in Idaho, and one of them might be getting Workers’ Compensation insurance. This type of policy is meant to help protect your company if an employee files a Workers’ Compensation claim after getting injured at work.

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Workers’ Compensation Insurance and Its Importance

One of the main reasons Workers’ Compensation exists is to help safeguard employees from expenses caused by work-related injuries. Even though most companies follow safety protocols and precautionary measures, accidents can still happen. These events can lead to financial damages like medical bills, lost wages, etc. that an employee might have to shoulder. Thanks to Workers’ Compensation, the injured worker can file a claim and may receive financial reparations for the damages.

Without Workers’ Compensation, your company might have to cover claims which could result in huge financial losses. Thankfully, Workers’ Compensation insurance can serve as a safety net that can cover these expenses.

Qualities Specific to Idaho Workers’ Compensation Insurance

States have varying Workers’ Compensation guidelines, laws, and practices. Here are some of the features unique to Idaho:

Most employers are required to get insured

The Idaho Industrial Commission, the body that regulates the state’s Workers’ Compensation activities, requires most businesses with an employee to purchase a policy.

Where to get insurance:

Idaho is not a monopolistic state, so it allows companies to buy insurance plans from commercial or private carriers. In addition, a business can be self-insured or buy insurance from Idaho’s State Insurance Fund (SIF). There’s also an assigned risk pool that can provide insurance for companies that may not be able to secure a policy from the first three options.


In Idaho, your company could be liable for medical expenses and wage losses an employee suffers if they get injured on the job and you don’t have insurance. In addition, you may need to pay a penalty amounting to 10% of the sum of medical and wage loss benefits, including lawyer fees. Should the Idaho Industrial Commission find that you don’t have insurance, you may be fined $2.00 per employee a day or $25 per day, whichever is the greater amount, for the time period you don’t have a policy.


Like other states, Idaho may allow certain businesses to insure themselves. There are a few exemptions, which you can find here.

What Does Idaho Workers’ Compensation Insurance Cover?

Similar to other states, Idaho’s Workers’ Compensation Law helps to ensure that an insurance plan can cover various damages that an employee suffers.

Medical Expenses

If a worker files a claim for medical expenses, Workers’ Compensation coverage can help pay for it. Getting involved in an accident may result in hospitalization and expensive medical procedures, so Workers’ Compensation insurance can likely help you avoid financial problems.

Lost Wages

An injured worker may not be able to report to work due to physical impairments. These lost wages can impact the employee’s life, so they could be entitled to compensation. Loss wage benefits kick in if the employee misses more than five shifts or if they stay at the hospital as an in-patient.

Occupational Illnesses

Some types of work environments and operations can result in occupational exposures, which could eventually lead to sickness. Idaho Workers’ Compensation insurance can cover the treatments for these illnesses if exposure is proven to be the cause.

What Does Idaho Workers’ Compensation Insurance Cover?

Workers’ Compensation insurance may not cover some types of damages, such as pain and suffering. Certain scenarios remove an employee’s right to file a Workers’ Compensation claim, even if they suffered injuries, such as:

  • Refusal to follow instructions about proper handling of equipment or operation of machinery
  • Being under the influence of controlled substances, resulting in the injury
  • Getting intentionally injured
  • Refusal to follow company safety protocols, resulting in the injury
  • Instigating violence, causing injuries
  • Injuries that occurred off-site or after work hours

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Please Note: State-specific information is subject to change at any time. Always consult with your state’s official information and resources for the most accurate information.