Janitor Insurance: Why Cleaning Companies Should Consider General Liability Coverage

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There are more than 2 million cleaning professionals in the U.S. today. If you're the owner of a cleaning company, you should make sure you and your employees are careful while cleaning spaces.

Accidents can happen during the cleaning process and injure others. With this in mind, obtaining insurance for your cleaning company can be of the utmost importance. Getting general liability insurance for a cleaning business, in particular, can be a great idea.

There are so many reasons why you should consider general liability insurance for a small business that operates within the janitorial industry. We've generated a list to show you why you might want to get cleaning company insurance.

Here are the top reasons why securing business insurance should be at the top of your to-do list.

May Cover Medical Expenses Related to Injuries Stemming From Accidents

You might not think that your cleaning company is going to put other people in danger. But there is a decent amount of risk associated with cleaning a building.

For example, you're likely going to mop your fair share of floors. And even if you put out a "WET FLOOR" sign, someone might come along and slip on a floor you've just cleaned.

This could result in them falling on the floor and hurting themselves badly. It could lead to them having to seek medical care and they could even be potentially hospitalized.

They may respond to this by filing a lawsuit against your cleaning company for not doing more to help keep them safe. It could put you in a position where you might have to cover their medical expenses, which can put your company in a poor financial position if you aren't prepared.

General liability coverage can help you avoid having to cover someone else's medical bills. Your cleaning insurance policy can help cover these costs so that you don't have to worry about paying out-of-pocket.

May Pay for Damages Related to Third-Party Property

Your cleaning company might be concerned with more than just the safety of others when you're cleaning a commercial building. You should steer clear of accidentally doing damage to property in a building you're working in.

You or your employees might inadvertently spill cleaning chemicals on the floor when you're mixing them together and create stains. You might also put a broom handle through a window when you're sweeping floors.

There was even a recent report about how a cleaning company shut off a freezer that was beeping in a laboratory and destroyed years of research at a college. It led to a lawsuit being filed by the college against the cleaning company.

These might be silly mistakes in the grand scheme of things. But they can also be expensive mistakes in many cases.

General liability coverage can save you from having to encounter these kinds of expenses. A general liability policy can help take care of the costs associated with damaging third-party property so that you aren't on the hook for them.

May Foot the Bill for Legal Costs

If someone is injured as a result of your cleaning company's actions or if your cleaning company causes damage to third-party property while working, you might wind up in court in a lengthy legal battle. Even if you're able to win this fight, you might still be left with a mountain of legal bills in most instances.

Your general liability coverage may be able to help you in this area, too. Depending on the policy you have, it could help cover legal costs you accumulate while in a courtroom.

May Help Comply With Contracts From Clients

When you first agree to start cleaning a building for a client, they're often going to ask your company to sign a contract. This contract will lay out the different expectations they may have when it comes to your working relationship.

Insurance is typically going to be a big sticking point. Most of your clients will probably expect your cleaning company to carry your own insurance policy. They may even go as far as to include specific language about this in the contract you sign.

If this is the case, you do not want to get caught operating without coverage. You could technically break a contract with a client if you don't have a policy. It might not give you much of a leg to stand on later if you have to go to court to settle a disagreement with a client.

May Cost Less Than You Would Have Imagined

Some cleaning companies are under the impression that the cost of insurance will be too much for them to handle. But the reality is that this type of insurance is often on the more affordable side compared to expenses you could incur without coverage.

Before you write off the idea of securing a general liability insurance policy for your cleaning company, you should get a quote for janitor insurance from us. You may be pleasantly surprised to see how much coverage can cost.

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We also offer other insurance options, such as Workers’ Compensation. It can be a great option for those interested in helping to protect their employees in case they experience an injury on the job.

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