Top Tips for Running a Cleaning Services Company

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Did you know that there are 2.4 million cleaning service professionals working in the United States? It's a growing industry, and it might be the perfect choice for anyone starting a new business or looking to expand an existing one. But like any startup, there are plenty of opportunities and risks along the way.

What's the secret to running a successful cleaning business? How can you grow your business and help protect it from threats?

Join us as we explore what cleaning services can do to help them survive and thrive.

Find Your Niche and Excel in It

There are thousands of cleaning companies across the country and no doubt many in your locality. So to stand out from the crowd, you might need to find a unique selling point.

Start by analyzing the market and working out potential gaps. Is there something that no one else is doing well? It might mean specializing in a field that's tricky but lucrative, like carpet or upholstery cleaning.

Bear in mind that these two areas could require extra specialized equipment. But this could be a chance for you to carve out a niche that no one else is exploiting.

You might want to look for easy add-ons that customers value and could maximize the return on the time you spend at the customer's property. If you specialize in carpet cleaning, why not add on soft furnishings?

With great training and customer service, you can build a strong local reputation for your services. You can then capitalize on that in the future by branching out into other areas of work if you so choose.

Prioritize Customer Service

You want your customers to be happy with your company because you do a great job. But there's another benefit. You could get free publicity!

If you consistently deliver excellent results, homeowners and business owners might tell their friends and contacts. People naturally trust recommendations from people they know over other forms of advertising. Your clients could provide a level of marketing that money can't buy, and for free.

To make this a reality, take customer feedback seriously. Occasionally, you may have to put your foot down and refuse unreasonable demands. But most people simply want you to make tweaks and may even suggest things that greatly enhance what you offer.

So listen carefully and show them that you've followed through. If you run a cleaning service company and get negative feedback on a review site, see it as an opportunity. Potential clients will note how you respond, and you can turn bad reviews into something positive.

Don't Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

No business can function with just one client or one main client.

Accept that people will leave your cleaning business. Don't take it personally — it's all part of doing business. Prepare yourself by constantly being alert for opportunities to add new clients.

Most businesses find it best to expand gradually. Try to maintain the balance between giving your clients the attention they need and taking on new business.

You also need to accept that at times you may have to let clients go. If your profit margins become too small to continue, have a frank discussion with them. If they're not prepared to pay more, accept that and move on.

Prioritize Your Personnel

Your staff is the key to your success. Start by running background checks.

This could help protect you and your clients. You'll likely trust them more and may not have to worry as much that they'll run off with your equipment. You could also have more confidence in sending them into clients' homes and businesses.

But whatever you do, do not discriminate. Always ask a prospective employee's permission before running the checks. And run checks for every candidate.

Once you've employed them, train them well. See it as an investment in your business. They might take more pride in their work because they know how to achieve high standards.

The more training and feedback you give, the better your company's reputation could be. It can be a win-win!

Treat your employees well by providing them with the right personal protective equipment. This can let them know that you care about their health. Also, pay them a fair wage and offer benefits if possible.

Don't Skimp on Insurance

From house cleaning services to office cleaners, janitorial services are placed in a unique position of trust. You go into people's homes and workplaces, often when no one else is around, and work unsupervised by the owners. It's a fact of life that at times, even with the best of training, things can go wrong.

What type of insurance do cleaning companies need?

BOP Policy

A Business Owners Policy from PolicySweet® combines three valuable products into one policy. They are:

Most cleaning businesses want financial protection if a client is injured, or their property becomes damaged. That's where commercial general liability insurance comes in. Commercial property insurance can help protect the equipment and tools that you need to get the job done. Lastly, cyber coverage can help take care of unexpected expenses if your company is a victim of a cyber-security attack or data breach.

Workers' Comp

Another essential insurance is Workers' Compensation. It could help cover medical fees and lost wages if your employees get injured or sick at work.

The Key to Success for Cleaning Services

There is always a strong demand for cleaning services. Whether you offer residential or commercial cleaning, you need to find your niche and excel in it. Keep your employees safe, give them good training, and pay them fairly so they're more likely to stick with you and do a great job.

And when thinking about insurance, talk to PolicySweet. We provide BOP and Workers' Comp insurance that can help your business should an unexpected event occur.

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