Insuring Your Success: Home-Based Business Insurance for Cleaning Companies

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While it may be a troubling realization, a home-based business is just as vulnerable to mishaps as any commercial office. A slip on a wet floor, a lost piece of inventory, or a small fire could turn everything upside down at a moment's notice. Have you ensured you have protection from such a situation so that you can continue business even if the worst happens?

At PolicySweet®, we know about risks and offer our home-based business insurance, HomeHQSM, to help protect you from these events. Below, we help you understand why your cleaning company might need coverage and the safety it can ensure. So, read on and help achieve the peace of mind that comes with preparing for the unexpected.

Why Is Business Insurance Important?

This type of coverage can make or break a home-based company. If an event causes damage to property or a person, for example, this type of coverage can shield the company against detrimental claims. Should a person other than an employee accuse you of harm, especially if they believe it was avoidable, liability coverage can offer aid for the legal process.

General Liability Insurance

A HomeHQ policy can protect a business against third-party issues that are the result of the company's actions as it includes general liability coverage in the policy. Examples of these protections may include:

  • Accusations of libel and slander
  • Injuries resulting from advertisement or promotions
  • Reputational harm
  • Injuries resulting from business action
  • Property damage due to steps the company took

This type of insurance could include covering medical expenses, legal costs, or even settlements. This means your business might not have to pay out-of-pocket for issues that you could not predict.

Business Property Coverage for a Home-Based Company

As a home-based company, you should remember your company property is vulnerable to the same risks as the home itself. After all, accidents can still happen in the home. Business property coverage can help cover business items with some potential home disasters, including fire or wind damage.

Inventory Insurance for a Cleaning Company

Not only can this insurance help you cover your goods due to theft, but also inventory that might end up lost or damaged. If your company sells products, this can help protect your stock.

Benefits of Home-Based Business Insurance

The benefits you get from having a comprehensive insurance plan can extend far past reimbursement and legal protection. For this reason, it can prove to many people that your business is a professional entity that takes steps to look after itself and its employees.

An Important Risk Management Step

Business insurance, even when related to a home-based company, can help you navigate some trickier client disputes. If things escalate, you can have the assurance of legal coverage. This way, a professional law expert can take a lot of the stress of a situation out of your hands and help you avoid business interruption.

Reputation Protection

The safeguards in an insurance policy can build trust in clients you work with. They can have the assurance that potential dangers or damage have coverage. Even if an unforeseen event occurs, you may be able to resolve such a situation quickly and maintain a positive brand image.

Often, the fast resolution of such issues can demonstrate you are a professional who they can trust even when things go wrong. This can help enhance customer satisfaction rather than reduce it.

Financial Safeguards

If you face a financial impact from a sudden event, such as stock or property destruction, business insurance can save your company. It helps to cover the costs of many of the situations that may occur and can ensure your cash flow remains stable.

Long-Term Success

With the above benefits, you can plan long-term without needing to worry as much about things going wrong in the short term. While mishaps may occur, you can bounce back and instead continue to grow after an incident occurs.

This level of safety can allow you to investigate opportunities related to both employees and equipment you may need. You know that, as you grow, even if the worst happens, you can have coverage.

Overwhelmingly Comprehensive Coverage

Home-based business insurance offers a broad spectrum of protection for many business activities. For a cleaning company operating out of a home, this can fill in gaps where standard home insurance might not protect you. You can even update your policy as your business grows.

Equipment Protection Outside of the Office

As your company performs the main crux of its work outside of the office, you should know it may not be safe depending on where you are. Home-based business insurance offers this protection for your equipment so long as it directly relates to the business you do.

Client Office Visitation

When clients visit you to discuss your work, they are under your hospitality. This means helping to ensure they and their property are free from harm. Of course, though, accidents happen, and nobody wants to have their business harmed by such a situation.

Due to this type of home-business insurance, you can maintain your professional relationship. It can allow you to manage such incidents efficiently and reach a resolution quickly.

Mobile Working Spaces

A cleaning service may need to operate on the go or even advertise itself in public. Thus, you might have a booth to operate out of and take other places. As far as home-based business insurance is concerned, this is a working space as much as your home office.

As such, you can expect your insurance to help cover situations that involve this sort of set up and duties related to it.

What Affects Coverage Premiums?

While you will need to head to our site and get a quote to get an exact figure, it is important to understand what could affect your insurance cost. Aside from your claims history, you should understand that any of the following could have a significant impact on your premium:

  • Scope of your business
  • Age of your business
  • Business value
  • Inventory value
  • Location
  • Number of employees

Bear in mind this list is not exhaustive, and there may be other factors that can impact your premium. This may allow us to match your business with the best option for you.

Also Available: Workers' Compensation

Workers' Comp can allow you to help protect your employees. This form of compensation allows the worker to have lost wages and covered medical expenses for injuries or illness related to a work incident.

Some states require businesses to have Workers' Compensation insurance for such situations. As such, check your local and state laws for more information on what you need to have in place.

How to Request a Quote

If you want to request a quote with PolicySweet, you should gather your business information and then use the online quote tool on our site. Alternatively, if you need some help working out the details, you can always call us. Our representatives are ready to explain what we offer and help guide you through the process to help you understand what the next steps are.

Finding Success With PolicySweet

Your professionalism is not only visible in your daily work but also in how you help protect yourself with insurance coverage. PolicySweet works hard to help insure businesses like yours. This way, you can move forward with confidence and grow your company with “peace of mind” when it comes to liabilities and other risks.

We offer affordable home-based business insurance for companies like yours with minimal hassle. So, if you want to know more, get an instant quote and learn what we can offer you today.


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