How To Start a Carpet Cleaning Company

Carpet cleaning service

Looking to start a company but low on startup funding? If so, you might want to consider starting a carpet cleaning company. You may be able to start a professional carpet cleaning company by yourself with just a few pieces of equipment.

Wondering how to start a carpet cleaning company? Then keep on reading as we explain some of the details below!

Obtain Licensure

First and foremost, you should consider obtaining some type of licensure pertaining to carpet cleaning. This way, you'll not only become educated on the many aspects of professional carpet cleaning, but you could also have a reputable organization backing up your skills and knowledge.

There are several certifications for carpet cleaners. Classes for certifications can be taken online or in person. You might have to do some research to determine which works best for your schedule and for the location you live.

Regardless, you might decide you want to become trained in carpet cleaning and obtain a certification saying so. This could go a long way in boosting your reputation after you've started your business.

Create a Business Plan

Next, you're going to want to create a business plan. This is vital, as it could enable you to lay out your goals and could provide guidance as your business progresses.

Within your business plan, you should cover everything that goes along with owning a business. Some of the main aspects to cover include funding, marketing, a 5-year goal, how you're going to obtain resources, and whether you're going to hire employees.

For more information on what a business plan should entail, read this. It can help set you on the right track and ensure that you include some of the necessary items within your plan.

Get Insured

Another thing you're going to want to think about when starting your carpet cleaning business is insurance. Insurance can help protect you financially in the event that you're sued by a customer. It also helps to cover damages that are done to your equipment and business resources.

Have employees? If they get injured while working for you, you might want to consider Workers' Compensation. Without Workers' Compensation insurance, you may have to reimburse them for medical expenses out of your own pocket, which could put you in financial dire straits.

Maybe you're planning on using software to process payments and manage your business in general. All sorts of legal issues could arise as a result. Therefore, it could also be wise to have cyber insurance.

For a small business owner like yourself, there are two primary types of insurance to obtain. The first is known as a BOP or a Business Owners Policy. This is an insurance bundle that includes general liability insurance, property insurance, and cyber insurance.

The second is the aforementioned Workers' Compensation insurance. This helps with payouts to employees who were hurt on the job. If you have even one employee, you might want to consider getting it.

To sum it all up, insurance can help keep you out of legal and financial hot water and ensure that your carpet cleaning company can thrive through the years.

Build a Brand

Branding is a huge part of any business. Your business should have an identity that people can sink their teeth into. Otherwise, you'll, more or less, go unrecognized, and could struggle to obtain customers over time.

Now, what's included in building a brand? First, you should pick a color scheme. Then, you may want to create an appealing logo. Finally, you might want to come up with some slogans or phrases that convey the mission, goal, or identity of your business.

This isn't always easy. Therefore, it's sometimes wise to turn to the services of a marketing agency. They can help you create a brand that's clear, strong, and indicative of what your company represents.

Purchase Equipment

You likely can't run a carpet cleaning company without commercial-grade equipment on your side. As such, you might need to either purchase it new or used or lease it from somewhere.

Some of the most important equipment you might want to have includes a vacuum cleaner, a pro-grade carpet cleaner, a defoamer, a stain remover, an air scrubber, and a carpet rake.

Find Customers

Finally, you need to get out there and find customers. Of course, this is much easier said than done. In the end, it mostly comes down to marketing.

First, take into consideration starting with social media. Facebook, in particular, can be a solid choice for finding initial clients. Create a business page, invite those closest to you to like it, post regularly, and see where things go from there.

Apart from that, you can build a website, engage in search engine optimization (SEO), put up flyers in your town, appear at networking events, and generally just put yourself out there. Whenever you meet someone, you should mention that you own a carpet cleaning company. You never know whether that person or someone they know might need your services.

Regardless, you might need to be relentless about this step. After all, if you don't have a consistent stream of customers, you don't have a successful business.

Fortunately, once you've established a decent customer base, your reputation will likely grow and customers may start coming to you. At that point, you can lessen your marketing efforts and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Need Insurance for Your Carpet Cleaning Company?

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