Clothing and Shoe Store

When it comes to insurance for your clothing or shoe store, you want your coverage to be true to size. With a PolicySweet® Business Owners Policy, we’ll make sure your coverage is flattering. From General Liability to Workers’ Compensation, each clothing store insurance policy is styled just for you.

Recommended Coverages for Clothing and Shoe Stores:

We typically recommend a Business Owners Policy or HomeHQSM coverage depending on the location of your business. If you operate from a commercial space, you might want to consider BOP coverage. For businesses that operate from a residential space like a home, condo, or an apartment HomeHQ is a great option. And if you have employees, we suggest Workers’ Compensation coverage to help protect your staff. Learn more about these coverages:

Business Owners Policy

This type of policy bundles common coverages together to help protect a business. Business owners typically opt for this type of coverage instead of purchasing coverages separately. It can be easier to manage in the event of a claim.

General Liability Insurance

It could help cover reputational harm and copyright infringement as well as third party claims made against your business.



Property Insurance

Is your business financially prepared to cover expenses to replace or repair business assets if they become damaged or stolen? If your business relies on its assets to keep it running, you might want to consider property coverage.


Cyber Insurance

Cyber coverage could help your business with problems that result from a virus, hacker, or network security attack.


Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Want to help protect your employees? Workers’ Compensation coverage could protect employees if they become injured on the job. Medical bills, lost wages, and related expenses could be covered with this type of insurance.


HomeHQ assembles multiple coverages together into a single policy. It combines general liability, business property coverage, and inventory insurance to help protect your home-based business.

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