Painting Business Insurance

When it comes to insurance for painters, you want your coverage to make an impression. With a PolicySweet® Business Owners Policy, we’ll make sure your coverage is primed just for you. From General Liability to Workers’ Compensation, each painting business insurance policy is coated to fit your business needs.

Coverages for Painting Companies:

Business Owners Policy

Have you heard of a BOP? A BOP is also known as a Business Owners Policy. It is one of the most unique types of coverages a small business can obtain as it combines multiple types of insurance into one policy. The reason many business owners purchase a BOP is because it can be easier for them to manage especially in the event of a claim. It is often more cost-effective than purchasing each coverage type separately. A Business Owners Policy from PolicySweet includes three types of coverages: general liability, property, and cyber-risk coverage.

Commercial Liability Insurance

Many businesses obtain general liability coverage as a precaution to help protect their business from third-party claims. Bodily injury, property damage, and advertising injury claims can be covered by general liability insurance.


Business Property Insurance

Want to help protect your business in the event of property damage? Physical assets owned or rented by your business could be covered with property coverage. Property coverage could help with expenses related to repairing or replacing stolen, lost, or damaged business equipment.


Cyber Insurance

This type of coverage can help with covering the costs associated with a cyber incident. Some of the expenses that a cyber policy can cover include hiring professionals to determine data loss and repairs, legal fees, and customer notifications.


Workers’ Comp

Medical expenses and missed wages can be covered by Workers’ Compensation coverage if an employee experiences a work-related injury or illness. It can cover costs for rehabilitation, physical therapy, medical treatment, and medications.


Do you run your business operations from your home? A HomeHQSM policy could help to protect your business assets and provide coverage for business liabilities.