Business Insurance for Lawn Care Services

When it comes to insurance for your lawn care business, you want your coverage to be pristine. With a PolicySweet® Business Owners Policy, we’ll make sure your coverage is as crisp as the hedges you trim. From General Liability to Workers’ Compensation, each lawn care business insurance policy is cut with your needs in mind to help protect against from a variety of claims.

Common Types of Coverages for Lawn Care Businesses:

Business Owners Policy, Workers’ Compensation, and HomeHQSM coverage are three different types of coverage that can help protect your lawn care business. Depending on the location of your business and if you have employees, can help determine which type of coverage you might want to consider for your business.


General liability, property, and cyber-risk coverage can be found bundled into one pre-assembled policy called a BOP, or a Business Owners Policy. It is frequently purchased by many small business owners as it is often cheaper than buying each individual coverage separately. It can even be easier to manage in the event of a claim.

General Liability

General liability could protect against several third-party claims that door and window installation companies face. These claims can include bodily injury, property damage, copyright infringement, and advertising injuries.


Business Property

Expenses related to damaged, lost, or stolen business property can be covered with business property coverage. Without coverage your business could be responsible for out-of-pocket expenses to repair or replace damaged property.



Cyber coverage could help protect your business if it is involved in a data breach, network security attack, or other technology-related risks. Costs to hire professionals to investigate the impact on computer systems and to send customer notifications to affected parties could be covered.


Workers’ Compensation

If your business has employees, this type of coverage could reduce the risk of financial loss if an employee becomes injured or ill due to an incident on the job. It could help cover medical payments, missed wages, and expenses related to ongoing support.


Does your home-based business own tools or equipment it relies on for work? A HomeHQ policy could cover the replacement costs for damaged or lost business property. Without coverage, your business could be responsible for out-of-pocket expenses to replace property or cover third-party lawsuit claims.