Garden Supply Store Insurance

When it comes to insurance for your gardening supply business, you want your coverage to help you flourish. With a PolicySweet® Business Owners Policy, we’ll make sure your coverage is as sharp as the tools you sell. From General Liability to Workers’ Compensation, each gardening supply insurance policy is harvested just for you.

What Types of Coverages Should I Consider for My Business?

Without insurance coverage, your gardening supply store may have to pay out of pocket for losses and claims made against your business.
We’ve put together a few insurance packages to help protect your business against common claims faced by gardening stores, such as:

  • Business Owners Policy
    • General Liability
    • Property Insurance
    • Cyber Insurance
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • HomeHQSM

Business Owners Policy

You could obtain multiple commercial insurance coverages in one package when you acquire a Business Owners Policy. A BOP from PolicySweet includes general liability and property coverage as well as cyber coverage.

General Liability Insurance

General liability coverage could help protect you in the event someone is injured at your business. It could even help protect your business if their property is damaged and your business is at fault.


Property Insurance

If your business is unable to operate as a result of damaged equipment or property, this type of coverage could help. It could cover expenses to repair or replace assets covered by your policy.


Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance could cover costs related to lawsuits that arise from a cyber-attack as well as provide financial support to hire professionals to investigate the source and extent of the attack.


Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers’ Compensation coverage could help protect your employees and your business. Employees could have expenses taken care of if they become injured or ill at work like medical bills and lost wages.


Do you operate your business out of your home or from a mobile cart, vehicle, or kiosk? If so, HomeHQ could be the coverage you are looking for. It could offer protection that is not usually covered by a homeowner or renters policy.

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